Deep in central Hobart there is a small patch of land surrounded by main roads, shopping centres, football ovals and a croquet club. It's the home of Hobart City Farm and is currently being transformed into an abundant farm - providing the best, freshest produce right in the heart of the city. With the support of Kickstart Arts, we are currently establishing a vibrant, financially viable and environmentally regenerative small farm that grows a diverse range of food, builds community and provides meaningful employment. In a time where farmers are literally walking off their land and the average age of Australian farmers is in the mid 50s, we’re walking back onto vacant land and re-embracing one of the most important jobs in the world.

Why Do We Do It?


We’re passionate about investing in local and regional food systems to provide reliable access to a nutritious and diverse range of food. We see growing food in the heart of the community as an important way of rebuilding connections to where food comes from and the people who grow it. We’re committed to ensuring that the following generations have an understanding of the important role food plays in creating and maintaining resilient communities.


In addition to producing food, the farm will grow community through facilitating educational opportunities in permaculture, food production and composting (to name a few) – both on and off the farm. The Hobart City Farm will encourage community involvement in the practical operations of the farm and help foster a vibrant community in the immediate surroundings and beyond.


The Hobart City Farm will employ local Tasmanians, creating meaningful livelihoods for individuals. We are also looking and thinking beyond our farm gate and will explore the possibility of partnering with other organisations to provide training in small-hold farming. We hold a deep commitment to helping others gain the skills they need to become farmers.

Our Team

HCF Crew

Sam Beattie, Louise Sales, Bridget Stewart, Hannah Moloney, James Da Costa