Can you dig it?

Greetings valued blog readers, we have broken new ground at HCF HQ over the last week. The omniscient “they” say that the only job where you start at the top is digging a hole and we have been digging plenty.

Before we dug anything up we used to get a free map supposedly showing all underground services, water mains pipes, telecommunications cables and sewers.

After digging a few exploratory holes we found that some of the mapped infrastructure was not exactly where it was supposed to be and that there was additional unmapped irrigation system which we mapped and marked above ground with paint.


Here is Brad with his machine that goes beep, beep, beep, BOOOOP when it detects the signal running through a phone line, buried a mere 300mm below the surface.


This is what a telecommunications pit is not supposed to look like, brimming with water, numerous wires broken, all wires exposed, still live apparently.


Here is James practicing his amateur Archaeology.


Here is me (Sam) perched victoriously upon a conquered stump.


Finally here is Matthew piloting his stump grinder today, he did an excellent job avoiding a flimsy copper water mains pipe, buried 200mm deep, that went directly under a stump whilst still grinding off enough to enable easy removal of the last of the roots.

Next on the agenda is building fences, tilling the soil to sow a green manure crop and creating a social zone that feels nice.

We will be on ABC 936 radio tomorrow from 8:30-9:00 or thereabouts to talk all things Hobart City Farm.