Our team

Hannah Moloney


Having grown up on Hill End Herb Farm in Brisbane, Hannah is a born and bred city farmer. Specialising in permaculture, she has well over a decade of hands-on experience in designing, building and managing urban agriculture, small-scale farming, permaculture and community development projects. She is co-director of Good Life Permaculture and lover of all things fun and garden-esk.

Bridget Stewart


Bridget grew up on a small acreage in central Victoria - but it wasn't until her early 20's that she discovered the unbridled thrill of growing things you can eat in the backyard. Since then she has worked for commercial organic farms in Australia and the US and managed an organically run community garden in the Northern Suburbs of Hobart. She currently manages the Waterbridge Food Co-operative and works at Provenance Growers, a market garden and nursery in Neika.

Louise Sales

Lou with goat 150

Louise has a Cert 3 in Horticulture and a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation. She has worked as an environmental campaigner for the past 10 years. She is really excited to be part of a project showcasing sustainable agricultural solutions and helping create local livelihoods.

James Da Costa


James was reared on the rich red soils of north west Tasmania, where he grew large and strong like a Kennebec. He is a gardener, bee keeper, and permaculture designer.  Constantly devising new ways to prevent the currawongs from stealing his duck eggs, he is looking forward to a future of growing food in Hobart’s urban areas.

Sam Beattie


Sam is a Tasmanian native, grown on the north facing slope of South Hobart. He has done lots of different jobs, mostly strenuous and outdoors. Sam is excited to grow stacks of nutritious food, see the farm blossom into a cultural icon, hang out with the other city farmers and provide a workable proof of concept model for growing food profitably, on a small scale, in a developed country.
Sam enjoys eating, riding bikes, dancing, reading, drinking, making music, martial arts, sunshine and long walks on the beach. And eating.